About Us

We are Cognatic!

We love what we do at Cognatic, because we know it helps you do business better. Our mission is to empower IT functions to transform and innovate, so they can meet the demands and aspirations of our clients. Our expertise incorporates infrastructure transformation with IT Management and Support. Our smart, trustworthy and responsive teams help you identify new opportunities to innovate and add value throughout your entire business.

We are a leading-edge managed service provider

Cognatic Solutions is a managed service provider based in US, Canada, Costa Rica and India. Founded in 2019, Cognatic Solutions has embraced its role as a leading managed service provider. As a result of constant training, development and monitoring of trends in IT areas, you can expect our experts to quickly and competently solve your problems. We employ a team of highly trained IT technicians with deep knowledge of the most advanced, secure, and reliable technologies available. With response times and client satisfaction at high levels, our fully-managed IT services provide clients with the freedom of mind in knowing their data and systems are operational, high-performing, and safe.

Our Process

We follow a strict operational process that has been stringently tried and tested to meet the needs of your business. From assessing, auditing, documenting, implementing and optimizing we ensure your business is supported each step of the way.

  • Assess

    Book in a 1 hour obligation free assessment to see how we can help your business grow

  • Advise

    Once we have reviewed the current health of your systems we will recommend a solution to get your business on the right track

  • Discover

    We audit your entire network and discover all your devices, documenting core systems, passwords and security risks so we can better support your business with no unexpected surprises when you need us the most

  • Implement

    This is when the magic happens, we begin to implement the recommended solutions to improve your systems and ensure you are at the bleeding edge of technology

  • Optimise

    We provide an in-depth business review every quarter to ensure your business and technology systems are running optimally and fine tune your systems to keep them on track